Our offer to you

We bring foward new solutions

We mainly invest in companies with an established market presence. With our capital, our know-how, and our extensive network, we support innovative B2B ideas and advance new solutions.


The quality of the internal teams is one of the main selection criteria when taking on a new company. We are looking for teams comprised of people with different, complementary strengths as well as several years of professional experience, leadership qualities, and a high degree of integrity.

No two companies are exactly alike, and that uniqueness is what characterises our portfolio companies. The following criteria are taken into consideration when we select our investments:


Market size of min EUR 500m in DACH, high number of potential customers, high market entry barriers, high growth potential


Complementary team, several years of relevant professional experience, leadership competence, ability to work as a team, integrity


  • USP
  • Marketable product
  • Focus on efficiency enhancement and cost saving
  • Scalable product


  • Existing marketing & sales strategy
  • Sales experience > 6 months
  • Reliable sales KPIs

Business Model

Scalable business model, little implementation effort, no resource-consuming project- or agency business, low dependency on third parties


Revenue-run-rate > min EUR 500k per year and 50+ paying customers, capital requirement until break-even < EUR 5m, financing requirement EUR 500k to EUR 2m


  • Primarily business customers
  • First paying customers
  • Strong customer retention


  • Low number of competitors in DACH/Europe
  • No large-scale groups or enterprises as direct competitors

Do you think that you and your company are a match for these criteria? Then feel free to submit a company presentation of 10–30 slides to pitch@senovo.de. The presentation should illustrate the criteria listed above. An endorsement by a business angel or venture capital investor known to us (or another reference by an independent source) will help us in our initial evaluation.


You will hear back from us within two weeks. If your business meets all the required criteria, we will be happy to meet you in person. After that, the more in-depth analysis will commence.

Our selection processes are as diverse as the individual companies, the teams involved, and their business models. In general, however, the in-depth process consists of the following steps:


  • We receive your company presentation. We answer any initial questions over the phone. Over a one- or two-week period, we find out whether your company would generally fit in our portfolio and if we want to continue with an in-depth analysis.

  • During the due diligence process, we check whether our investment criteria are met. Among other things, we hold meetings with the managers and founders and make phone calls for our reference, e.g. to management contacts as well as existing or potential clients and suppliers. Moreover, we also analyse the financial model. The whole process takes between four and eight weeks.

  • After that, the possible components of a contract are recorded in a term sheet. This serves for both us and the company founders as a declaration of intent to cooperate, subject to clarification of any unanswered questions or open issues.
  • This includes an audit, review of the legal situation, and the examination of the software (or other product) which has already been programmed/produced so far. This phase usually takes another two to four weeks.

  • The respective contracts are drawn up in parallel. After a final due diligence check and agreement on the equity contract, the act is recorded before and by a notary, and the capital is released. It takes about two weeks until the capital becomes available.


The entire selection process from first contact until receipt of financing takes 12 to 20 weeks. Under favourable conditions, however, it may be shorter than that.


Trust and sincerity are our top priorities. Therefore, we inform you about the current status of your checks in every phase.