Who we are

We're a small team with backgrounds in business, law, computer science and physics, and our aim is to provide entrepreneurs with full-stack support. We believe that startups are a team effort, that data fuels great products, and that fast iterations are superior to big-bang releases. We view venture capital as a product for entrepreneurs, and work with you through the ups and downs.

Investment Focus

Our focus is on early stage B2B SaaS investments. We believe that SaaS should be the dominant model for delivering software, and that this tectonic shift will continue to create great market opportunities.


We fund outstanding entrepreneurs and teams building world class products, and generally get involved soon after product launch, during the Series A. Our typical investment size is 300k - 1m EUR, with reserves to support the team in later rounds.


Whether we lead or co-invest with a partner, we believe it is beneficial for startups to have complimentary investors and usually syndicate our investments.


Want to talk to us? We love pitches! And you can reach us at .